Cosplayer Survey!

Cosplayer Survey!

A friend of mine passed me this survey. These are so fun! What would your answers be?


1. Your first cosplay?

Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. I did this cosplay before I knew what cosplay was! I just loved the game so much.

2. How many costumes have you done?

Oh geez…around 16 so far, including alternate outfits for some characters. I can’t wait to do more!

3. Your most recent cosplay?

Hmm, the last costume I finished was Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to make than it was!

4. Your favorite cosplay?

I can’t pick one. Characters I cosplay are like pieces of myself.

5. The character you have cosplayed that is most similar to you (if none that you have cosplayed, then one that you will cosplay)?

I cosplay characters that I relate to, so they’re all a little like myself. I’m probably closest to Asuka Langley Soryuu (I tend to be on the tsundere and emotional side!) or Katsuragi Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

6. Your cosplay plans for the rest of the year (if you have no more for this year, then do next year!)

Right now my plan is to complete as many cosplays and do as many photo shoots as possible!


Asuka’s Test Plugsuit

7. The dream cosplay that might just happen?

Asuka’s test plugsuit from Rebuild of Evangelion…in latex… *drooools*

8. The dream cosplay that will never happen?

NOTHING! I’ll do all of them someday.

9. Something cosplay-related that you will never do (eg. crossplay, cosplay from a certain series)

I respect crossplayers but I prefer being girly, and I will never cosplay a character I don’t know or don’t like!




10. Your cosplay idol?

Does Gackt as Genesis from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core count? Look at that costume!

11. Your cosplay specialty (ie. something that seems to apply to a large amount of your cosplays, it could be a specific series, or a common feature in their appearance, such as glasses)

I tend to go toward moé or tsundere characters. And maids! Always maids!

12. Your cosplay-making habits (eg. singing while working on cosplay):

I barricade myself in my pretty craft room and sew until I pass out. I get manic when I make cosplay!

13. Your least favourite thing about cosplay?:

How uncomfortable the costumes can be!

14. Do you belong to any cosplay groups?

No, but I try to cosplay with friends if I can.

15. What events have you cosplayed to? Future event plans?

DragonCon, Anime South, Fan:dom, Otakon, and Megacon so far! Planning on attending DragonCon 2013!

16. What is your best cosplay memory?

I always enjoy it when someone recognizes my character on the WAY to the con. Like if I have to stop at a drugstore for something.

17. What is your worst cosplay memory?

When the sole came off one of my boots on my Rinoa cosplay at DragonCon. I must have bought 5 types of glue to fix it! Or the time I forgot to pack a whole bag of accessories for my Misa cosplay and had to have my roommate express mail it to the hotel! I was so worried it wouldn’t make it in time…

18. Have you won any cosplay awards?

I’m always too scared to enter any contests! Maybe someday…

19. Your best cosplay derp photo?:

Ugh, too many to count! It took me awhile to learn how to pose for photos!

20. Have you worn cosplay in a regular situation?

To karaoke with friends and restaurants after a con and out in public for photo shoots. If I’m really bored, I’ll dress up at home (like after I’ve finished an outfit) and take a picture or two!

21. Your most expensive cosplay?

Definitely Sarah Sisulart from Lost Odyssey.

22. Your most comfortable cosplay and most uncomfortable cosplay?

Most comfortable: Asuka’s sundress

Least comfortable: Asuka, Sadamoto gothic version (because of the shoes!)

Kasumi, Red and Pink Sakura version

Kasumi, Red and Pink Sakura version

23. The cosplay you put the most effort into?

Hmm, right now I’d have to say the costume I’m making for Kasumi from Dead or Alive. I tried so many different methods of putting those sakura petals on it!

24. Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them?

I’m always working on something! Currently on the “in progress” list: Mitsuki (He Is My Master), Kasumi (Dead or Alive), Rena (Higurashi), Saya (High School of the Dead) and  Feyris Nyannyan (Steins;Gate).

25. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favourite?

Probably around 20. I like any of the ones with pigtails the best. They look so anime!

26. Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done?

I work on cosplay in this room:


It’s my favorite room in my house! I also have a closet dedicated to cosplay and one for fabric.


Asuka’s Clips

27. What is your favorite cosplay accessory?
My Asuka hair clips.

28. Cosplay peeves/things you are particular about?:

When someone has a great costume but completely wrong hair! Buy a wig! Also, when people cosplay a character they don’t really know or care about.

29. Something you want to improve on for future cosplays?

Makeup techniques, leatherworking, and props!

30. Cosplay-related work you are most naturally talented at (ie: sewing, prop-making, wigstyling, etc)?

I have a raw talent for sewing, but I am definitely still learning! <3



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