CosplaySky – Ordinal Scale Asuna Cosplay

CosplaySky – Ordinal Scale Asuna Cosplay

I’m so excited to announce that I will be partnering with CosplaySky to premiere a new Yuuki Asuna Ordinal Scale cosplay from Sword Art Online! I usually make my own cosplays, but I’ve already made two Asuna cosplays so this will be a bit of a break for me! I’m looking forward to showing you all the new Ordinal Scale uniform I will be reviewing soon. It looks beautiful in their shop!

The Costume:

This is the Asuna cosplay I will be receiving:

They currently have four Asuna, Kirito, and other Sword Art Online cosplays available now in their shop.

Miyu’s Other Yuuki Asuna cosplays

So far, I have cosplayed two other versions of Asuna, the first is her Knights of Blood uniform from the Aincrad arc of the series, and the second is her blue undine outfit from the Alfheim arc.

Why I Love SAO

Sword Art Online has held a special place in my heart for several years now. I do tend to go for the canon ships, but Asuna x Kirito is especially beautiful to me because of how devoted they are to each other. Other girls flirt with Kirito, but he barely seems to notice because of his feelings for Asuna. They’ve survived so much together, and they have experiences that no one else shares. It’s refreshing to see a couple develop past the initial stages of the relationship. That is a theme that is rarely explored in anime, games, and light novels, and I look forward to seeing their relationship develop in further releases.

Because of how I feel about Sword Art Online, having the opportunity to cosplay Asuna again is so exciting to me. I hope that LEONHART.cosplay will be able to join me as Kirito in his Ordinal Scale uniform as well!

I’m looking forward to updating you as soon as the Ordinal Scale Asuna cosplay is finished! Please follow me for updates!

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