My Cosplay Sewing Room

My Cosplay Sewing Room
3 years, 11 months ago 2
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Wanted to share a few pics of my favorite room in my house: my sewing room! Thanks to Aaron Becker for the photos!


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  1. Isis Antonio says:

    What the heck do you do to keep it clean?!! I mean, my room is almost empty. I’m in a war against dust, it looks for every inch of space in my shelves to lay! any advice?

    • miyumiyuchan says:

      I do have to clean it a lot and it’s probably dustier that it looks! I try to keep my cats out of that room (they love to go through my trim bucket) and I have an air purifier that picks up some of the dust. Whenever I finish a project I like to do a big cleaning but with all the little figures and such it can be a big project to dust it all! The air purifier I have is pretty good though. It’s a TheraPure. Good luck in your dust battle!

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