Elizabeth Cosplay – Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth Cosplay Gallery – Bioshock Infinite

I first debuted my Elizabeth cosplay at Pensacon 2014 when I entered my first ever cosplay contest. I later entered two more contests with as Liz, one at Mobicon 2014 where LEONHART (as Booker DeWitt) and I won Best Group Cosplay, and again at the Pensacon 2015 Fish House cosplay contest, where we won 1st place.

The material I used for Elizabeth’s dress is a really beautiful royal blue velvet that was a Christmas present from my mom. I love the way the material looks in photos.

These shots were taken by Ace Wheelie of Variant Cover Cosplay Photography.

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Here are some shots taken by Becker Photography at Pensacon 2014.

Random photos found on the web from Pensacon 2014.

Photos from the web of the Pensacon 2015 Fish House Cosplay Contest.

Random photo of Elizabeth.


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