Rogue Cosplay – X-Men (Classic)

Rogue and Gambit Cosplay Gallery – X-Men (90s Classic Version)

These shots of my Rogue cosplay featuring LEONHART cosplay as Gambit were taken by Ace Wheelie at Variant Cover Cosplay Photography. We had a great time working with Ace!

Rogue and Gambit Cosplay Rogue and Gambit Cosplay


These shots were taken during the Pensacon 2015 cosplay contest. I’ve fixed my boots so they hold their shape a lot better since then! I made my Rogue cosplay from a mix of sheet latex and spandex.


Rogue and Gambit Cosplay Rogue and Gambit Cosplay


Rogue and Remy had a great time at Pensacon 2015. Here’s us winding down at the Crown Plaza at the end of the night. These shots by Becker Photography.

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